Thinking is for Idiots

Just a quick update here on the blog. After my most recent post got a lot of unexpected visibility and some incredible feedback (cheers to everyone who read and enjoyed, you’re all my family now), I’ve put some serious thought into how to proceed.

Turns out thinking is for idiots. Because earlier efforts toward receptivity are paying off big time right now and gears are cranking without me really having to do anything other than be open to things coming in. Unfortunately, this has left me in somewhat of a dulled state (why the hell are our souls so present for difficulty but so absent for ease, I wonder). And I’d love to hear any ideas you beautiful readers have on the subject of knocking yourself out of a sort of numb space. You can get in touch with me: here.

While you’re thinking of reaching out, here’s some extra incentive: Imma make you famous!!! Alright, not really famous, famous. More like I’m going to invite you to Skype with me so I can gush over your exploits for a while. Here’s the deal. Recently, I was asked to come on a podcast to be interviewed and I loved every second of it. And that got me thinking (which is for idiots). “I like podcasts,” I thought. “And I’ve never found an acting podcast that I absolutely adore.”


Although I can’t stop listening to this non-acting podcast lately

So then I told myself I would make that podcast. Thus Actor Things was born. But, look, you don’t have to be an actor to play along. A big part of this show, in fact the main part of this show, revolves around getting to know people outside the acting world for a whole host of reasons. But, obviously, if you’re a performer I want to hear from you as well. Just hit me up on that link above, let me know all about you and why you’d like to be interviewed on the show, and we’ll get this thing moving.

Alright, it’s nearly midnight here on the east coast and I’ve got acting class in the morning (thank Christ on a blueberry bagel). Sleep now, meditation in the morning, and hopefully a return to form emotionally soon thereafter.

Also, if you haven’t seen this you should.