It’s Wide Awake, I’m Morning

I’ve been experiencing this really odd phenomenon lately: success. Now I’m certainly not working on projects with Scorcese or anything (yet). But, for someone who’s only been in a part of the world where success in this field is possible for nearly two years, it’s a pretty unexpected visitor in my life. 

It seems like everywhere in my life, things are cooking. My physical changes (working on toning up) are coming along slowly and steadily. I’ve got an incredible podcast in the works, the first few episodes of which should be available early next week. I’m currently performing in a really wonderful original one act and an up-and-coming television pilot series. And, omfg, my braces will be off in a few months which will let me really blow the doors off this motha. Lastly, I finally cracked my novel’s big issue and will likely get cranking on that again within the next week or so. And SPRING IS HERE!!!

I wish I could say that things moving so smoothly scared me – even a little. And at one point in my life, it probably would have. But these days, I’m honestly just grateful for the ride. I’ve spent too many nights wishing I was working to be anything but grateful at this point. 

So there you have it. Tons of work coming, tons of new adventures and friends and laughter and tears and love and everything that makes anything worth something. Til next time.

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