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Latest Actor Things Episode

Actor Things is a podcast published on iTunes and Stitcher by Joel Austin. In each episode, Joel does something a little different. In any case, the goal is always the same: to tell the truth about the things actors deal with on a daily basis. Share:Click to share on Facebook…

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How Acting Gave Me My Soul Back

As a kid growing up in central Tennessee, revealing that acting was the purpose of my life to my friends and loved ones was often a mixed bag. To be sure, the majority of responses I got were positive. But, every once in a while some practical do-gooder would chime…

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3 Untaught Lessons from Meisner

Last week marked my year anniversary studying the acting theories of Sanford Meisner at the Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre. As someone who has been performing for about 15 ¬†years, you can imagine my surprise at believing that it’s only in this past year that I’ve really begun Acting. I think…

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